Our History




These original highlights were compiled by Anne McAfee Butler, daughter of Lydia McAfee for whom one of our women’s circles is named. Other information has been gathered from handwritten notes from Mrs. Abby Christensen and from research done by Mrs. Riley Gettys.


It is written that Methodism in America began in 1736 when the Wesley brothers, Charles and John, both Anglican priests, crossed the Atlantic Ocean to the new colony of Georgia.


It is interesting to note that during the year 1736 to 1737, while in the colonies John Wesley came into the Beaufort area on three occasions. The December 1737 visit was a walking journey from Charleston in which Wesley was accompanied by three friends. They were lost two or three times in those trackless forests and were five days in reaching the Port Royal Island area. They crossed at the Old Ferry Road at Seabrook (probably where Seabrook Point is located and probably followed the Old Stagecoach Road to Beaufort).


He noted in his journal that he, The Reverend Mr. Wesley, was the guest of The Reverend Lewis Jones, the Rector of St. Helena’s Episcopal Church, on December 7, 1737. Wesley describes his visit as “delightful old English hospitality.” This stay on Port Royal Island lasted two days.


In 1784, sixty circuit riding preachers gathered together in a meeting house in Baltimore to organize the Methodist Episcopal Church whose members totaled several thousand. Methodism became the first Christian denomination to be organized in America. It is said, “America and Methodism grew up together.”


In 1882 plans were made by several denominations to organize another church on a union church plan. This was a small wooden building erected on the corner of Carteret and North Streets. For about two years this church was served by Presbyterian and Lutheran clergymen, but in late 1884 their support was withdrawn and Mssrs. W.H. McLeod, George Holmes, W.H. Lockwood and Neils Christensen invited the presiding elder of Charleston, The Reverend E.J. Meynardie, to assess the situation. Arrangements were made to purchase the property and provide support for a Methodist pastor.


In December 1884, The Reverend H.M. Mood was appointed pastor of Carteret Street Methodist Church.


For ten years Carteret Street experienced steady and prosperous growth. In 1892 Mr. George Holmes gave the first parsonage to the church. Beaufort Methodist ministers used it for many years.


In 1893 the Beaufort area was devastated by a hurricane and the closing of the phosphate mines. The storm dealt a serious blow to Carteret Street Methodist Church. The loyal and devoted members marched on under the leadership of The Reverend J.W. Kilgo.


In 1922 spurred by the bequest of $5,000 by Holmes, a canvass to fund a new church building was begun. This was on the condition that the building be erected within two years after his death. However, the financial condition of the country was unstable and the congregation was bitterly divided on this issue. Finally, a subscription list of $35,000 was secured and with a generous extension of the time limit by Mrs. Holmes, work finally began on the morning of May 30, 1922. At that time more land had been acquired and the cornerstone was laid by Bishop Collins Denny on Monday, August 28, 1922.


The original building committee in August 1922 consisted of Mssrs. R.A. Long, C.E. McLeod, Sr., P.E. Bella- my, J.W. Varn, W.L. Shatswell, P.L.Lea, J.L. Butler, L.E. Wilder, W. Niver, C.S. Adams, H.F. Heath, C.L. Paul, Sr., S.H. Rogers, J.L.M. Kirkalnd, Mrs. W.J. Thomas, Mrs. C.E. McLeod, Mrs. J.M. Lengnick and Mrs. J.G. Bramlett.


The membership of Carteret Street United Methodist Church has continued to grow. Not long after the new church was built the congregation enjoyed a fully air conditioned church plant. A beautiful new parsonage was purchased in the 1980’s at 110 Stuart Town Road in Spanish Point. This remains the church parsonage for today’s ministers and families to reside.


As the church membership grew plans were made to purchase more land for a parking lot at the back of the church. In 1984 the Wesley building was erected to house the offices and classrooms. As a result the fellowship hall was renovated. Our most recent endeavors have included a complete remodeling of the parsonage as well as a complete remodeling of the church kitchen.


God continues to bless us. We are humbled by our heritage and challenged by the future. We pray that we can continue to do the work of God’s Kingdom in this place.



1884-1886 The Reverend H. M. Mood
1887-1888 The Reverend E. Meynardie
1889 The Reverend A. H. Lester
1890-1891 The Reverend J. B. Campbell
1892 The Reverend A. J. Cauhen
1893-1895 The Reverend J. W. Kilgo
1896-1897 The Reverend P. A. Murray
1898 The Reverend O. M. Abney
1899-1902 The Reverend A. B. Earle
1903-1904 The Reverend W. S. Stokes
1905 The Reverend G. P. Watson
1906 The Reverend J. B. Campbell
1907-1908 The Reverend A. B. Watson
1909 The Reverend A. C. Walker
1910-1911 The Reverend J. M. Rogers

1912-1915 The Reverend J. H. Noland
1916-1917 The Reverend J. P. Simpson
1918-1920 The Reverend J. J. Stevenson
1921 The Reverend M. F. Dukes
1922-1924 The Reverend A. D. Betts
1924-1930 The Reverend W. C. Kirkland
1930-1933 The Reverend J. M. Shingler
1933-1936 The Reverend E. O. Watson
1936-1939 The Reverend S. M. Atkinson, Sr.
1939-1940 The Reverend W. G. Ariail
1940-1942 The Reverend G. F. Kirby
1942-1945 The Reverend T. E. Jones
1945-1948 The Reverend R. P. Turner
1948-1952 The Reverend J. D. Kilgore
1952-1956 The Reverend H. C. Ritter

1956-1958 The Reverend W. J. Smoak
1958-1963 The Reverend R. S. Kaney
1963-1966 The Reverend E. F. Lunceford, Jr.
1966 -1969The Reverend Claude Shuler
1969-1976 The Reverend Robert J. Howell
1976-1981 The Reverend Roy L. Owens
1981-1986 The Reverend Benjamin B. Barnes
1986-1992 The Reverend James E. Alewine
1992-1993 The Reverend W. Robert Morris
1993-2000 The Reverend Ronald A. Pettit
2000-2006 The Reverend D. Mitchell Houston
2006-2015 The Reverend Susan Ulmer
2015- 2019 The Reverend Frank Lybrand
2019 The Reverend Bryson Williams


1975-1976 The Reverend David M. DeDonato
1979-1981 The Reverend John E. Zoller
1983-1984 The Reverend Paul Crescente
1984-1985 The Reverend Karin B. Culp
1985-1988 The Reverend David E. Lupo
1999-2001 The Reverend Ada A. Charles
2004-2011 The Reverend Lara C. Byrd
2012-2014 The Reverend Andrew Wolfe
2015-2017 The Reverend Travis Pearson
2018 The Reverend Dr. Rebecca Bruff
2022 The Reverend Terry Pfeiffer